Friday, November 28, 2008

dear people for whom i am buying christmas presents,

Due to the slump in the economy, I am finding extra great deals this year. I have therefore found some extra fantastic presents for you all. Even though it really is just the thought that counts.

You are so welcome.


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Dear Ashley,

You're right. You deserve your own bullet point. In fact, you deserve your own post. I am thankful for you because:

  • you know what a fudge turd is.

That's your one bullet point. I hope that's good enough.



dear world,

Let it be known that my banana cream pie kicks your banana cream pie's butt.

So does my chocolate cream pie.


ps - don't be intimidated. we can still be friends

Monday, November 24, 2008

things i am thankful for this week (in no particular order)

  • my AP students, for all scoring 4s or 5s on their exam. They make me look really good.
  • the recession. My job is stable and man, the sales are great this year!!!
  • the recession again, because Bethesda restaurants implemented an "appetite stimulus plan" with lots of special deals last week
  • pies. And lots of them. (4 to be exact, for a dinner with six people)
  • cranberry salad. I'm making a double batch.
  • my job.
  • my roommates for making me laugh. especially when they walk out of the bathroom at the symphony with their skirt tucked into their underwear.
  • people who are willing to drive to the outlets with me at midnight Thursday night to hit all the black friday specials.
  • my sisters. and my brother, too. and the in-laws.
  • my mom
  • my hair, for really cooperating with me these days

Thursday, November 20, 2008

the joys of teaching

So in my last period class, this kid named Ryan keeps farting. They're loud. And stinky.

So of course everyone acts like they're five year olds and laughs hysterically.

Wait, never mind. Everyone acts like teenaged boys and laughs hysterically. I'm ready for a break.

But after Thanksgiving break, I get to participate in our 2nd annual dodgeball tournament! It is the best fundraiser ever.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


There are a few things that have been going on around here recently.

  • Swim practice started last week. The team looks promising, as everyone is capable of staying afloat on their own. Not a single swimmer is relying on the lane ropes for their survival.
  • The first day of practice, we got locked out of the pool. It was super fun. Then a kid's arm popped out of its socket. Don't worry, we popped it right back in. Apparently it happens to him all the time. He's now our manager.
  • I give my final exam on Friday, and then I'm FREE for Thanksgiving break.
  • But then my break is interrupted Tuesday night for our first swim meet. Rotten timing.
  • I am going to see the Warsaw Philharmonic on Friday night.
  • We built egg-drop contraptions in my class this week. They were only allowed to use straws, rubber bands, and tape. We threw them off the top of the stadium. They were awesome.
  • I started my Christmas shopping this week. I totally want to keep the present I bought Ashley.

Monday, November 17, 2008

dear bethy,

I am coming to visit you on December 31. Please try not to work on New Year's day so I can play with you and your kids. And Brandon too, I guess.

I tried to tell you last night but you hung up on me.


Thursday, November 13, 2008

all i want for christmas (and my birthday) is...

a lot of things, actually. Which really isn't that surprising if you know me. But this year I could really use:

  • Cello lessons. Erica and I want to take lessons together, and they're offered through my school for only $35/lesson! Not bad.
  • A plane ticket to Houston to see Bethy, Bexie, and Brother. And the babies, of course. It's been way too long since I've played with the babies.
  • Just about anything from Anthropologie. Or JCrew. Or a gift card to JCrew so I can use my awesome teacher discount that I get on every single purchase I make. Being a teacher definitely has its perks.
  • A lightweight, waterproof North Face jacket (or similar). For those days when it rains and I still want to play outside. It happens.
  • Rain boots. Some black ones or black/gray.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

5 reasons i love my students

just because tomorrow is friday

1. They always compliment my shoes. Even though I own way too many.
2. Sometimes they just get so excited they can't help but shout in the middle of class. I'm not always sure what they're excited about.
3. They love the stupid games I make up for them to play.
4. They make fun of my dumb jokes. (Yes, teaching is really good for my self-esteem.) Turns out I've quoted Bring-it-On one too many times this year. (This is not a democracy, guys. It's a cheer-ocracy.) I didn't think that joke could ever get old. Apparently I was wrong.
5. They come find me during lunch so that I can settle the debate about who would be the better lead-singer for their band. I picked Harper, just because I like calling him Harp-dog. I'm pretty sure he secretly likes it when I call him Harp-dog, too.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

election madness

The Redskins lost last night. And we all know what that means.... "Obama nation" it is.

Luckily, Laura went to Costco yesterday to buy food storage. You know, for when the riots break out and we can't leave our house for weeks at a time. Seriously.

Julie was so impressed with Laura's preparations that she wrote in her name on the ballot. So who knows, Laura just might be our next commisioner of education. Or something. Go Laura.

Monday, November 03, 2008

sweet revenge

One of my students got a ticket this weekend for yelling at another driver. He told that driver that his car was gay.

He thought that the cop was kidding about the ticket.

The cop was not kidding.

Deep down inside, this story made me really, really happy.

some politics

According to my co-worker, if the Redskins win their game tonight McCain will win the election.

If they lose, Obama will win.

And if Obama wins, our country will be an "Obama Nation" in the sight of the Lord.


Sometimes I hate living in a political city.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

the weekend

a few things I learned this weekend:

  • Parents can be rude. Not to me so much, but still rude. I went to our girls' field hockey game on Friday, and was more than a little embarrassed about the comments that the mothers on both teams were making toward one another. Get a grip. They're sixteen-year-old kids, and it's just a game. Seriously.
  • I still like rollercoasters. Yesterday was the last day that six flags was open, so Troy, Erica, Ryan and I went. Fun.
  • There is a 70-year-old man in the Bethesda ward who finds great joy in fulfilling his wives fantasies. At least, this is what he told us all during testimony meeting yesterday. Then he realized how it sounded and got a little embarrassed. Old people are adorable.
  • Teachers hate halloween. Next year, I'm giving a test on all holidays so my kids are forced to sit still. Hahaha.
  • Squirrels love pumpkins. They ate the faces off of all of our jack-o-lanterns, and now they're just blobs.