Thursday, January 27, 2011

my apologies

I certainly don't want to be that girl who brags about how much better her life is than anyone else's. But today, I have a really good reason.

We had two more snow days.

End of story.

Don't even try to tell me my life isn't awesome.

Monday, January 24, 2011


In addition to my sewing projects, I have also made one of these:

My first pattern was more simple than this one (I needed to practice) but I have four more empty journals just waiting to be folded into something awesome. (I made my first one while watching the Steelers/Jets game last night. Go Steelers. (I have to say that because my ride to school is a die-hard Steelers fan and it's a long walk to work.)

And then I am making this:

To hang in my room on the one empty wall I have left.

And then, to get back into sewing, I am going to attempt this sweater:

I have a sweater with the same general shape. I just need to alter it and add some buttons. I think I can do it. I'll try, anyway.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

don't be jealous

But my 3-day weekend just turned into a 4-day weekend.

Snow days rock.

Dear Drivers of DC,

Thanks for being so bad at driving in the snow. I don't think less of you. Schoolchildren all over the DC metro area are singing your praises right now.



Monday, January 17, 2011


After looking into things, it was actually Kate Spade who wanted me to buy that first tank. And she wanted me to pay way more than $50. Silly girl.

adventures in sewing

Look what I made yesterday!!

Awesome, huh? Anthro wanted me to pay at least $50 for it. They clearly have never met me. Otherwise they would know how ridiculous that is.

Instead, I took a blue and white striped tshirt (purchased for $5 at the Gap 3 years ag0) that I hadn't worn in about 1.5 years. I cut the sleeves off, sewed them on the front of the shirt, and viola!! So cute.

Next, I think I'm going to make this one:

Except I'm going to use a royal blue long sleeved tshirt with some navy blue ribbon that I have from a skirt I bought 5 years ago that really looks much better without the ribbon. (You're going to have to trust me on this one.)

Before you know it, I'm going to have a whole new wardrobe without buying a thing!! (Besides a sewing machine, that is.... Thanks, mom!)

Friday, January 14, 2011

3-day weekend

Oh, how I love thee.

I am sleeping in tomorrow. (Probably really, really late. Seems that nothing can keep me awake these days. Not even The Bachelor! It's disgraceful.)

Then I am celebrating Jonathan's birthday.

Then I am making a skirt, a dress, a pillow, and a shirt. (Maybe a bit ambitious for one day? No problem! Because it's a 3-day weekend! So I have Monday, too!)

Or I may get a massage and a facial. Who knows?! The possibilities are endless.

Oh, the glory of federal holidays.

Monday, January 10, 2011


five people voted on my super awesome texting poll.

every person responded differently.

you guys are no help at all.

Friday, January 07, 2011

want to see the coolest thing ever?

Yeah, I thought so.

You can take a poll with your cell phone! (In my class, they're actually quizzes, not polls, but whatever.) So every kid can text in their answer, and since their answers are linked to their cell phones, I can see who responded correctly and who did not.

Now, suddenly, quizzes are fun! (Who knew teenagers were so easily tricked? Oh, wait. I did.) And, delight of all delights, they are allowed to use their cell phone during class. Remarkable.

You can either click on your preferred answer, OR send a text to 36707 with your preferred response in the body of the text. (Don't worry. It's free)

If you choose the scarf, text the code 10543
If you choose jeans, text the code 20833
If you choose a skirt, text 20838
If you choose a purse, text 25600
Jewelry 25728.

SO. TOTALLY. AWESOME. (If you're a teacher anyway.)

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

anyone want to hear a great story?

Okay, so maybe it's only a great story if you're not me. But whatever.

So remember how I got such an awesome deal on my flight home that I got to spend eight whole days playing with these little kids? Well, if you forgot, let me brag just one more time that I got quite possibly the best price on a holiday flight in the history of holiday flights. Hehe.

Unfortunately, all good vacations must come to an end. I arrived at Reagan National Airport at 1 am. My keys did not arrive at Reagan National Airport. They stayed behind on the Peterson's counter. (That's the awesome part of the story)

Luckily, I am friends with a lot of superheroes, so I had a slumber party with Stefi (yay for Stefi!)

Then I fell into a deep dark pit called the Flu. (Don't worry guys. Everything turned out okay. I am still alive.)

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

how was your new year?

Mine was pretty stinkin awesome.

I had the flu (or something that was 50% headache, 50% fatigue, and 50% congestion.) So instead of going out, I stayed in and watched The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. (Parts I and II, for those of you who were wondering. Which is probably all of you.)

And I made a wreath out of a book! It looks much like this:

I think it is beautiful. And it only cost me $1!!! (Oh, how I love a great deal.)

I also made a yarn wreath (mostly because I was envious of the yarn wreaths all over Bethany's house.) It is also beautiful.

So remember when I pretended to hate crafts? I lied.

Happy New Year!