Monday, February 26, 2007


5-calls I have received from different schools (in the past 4 days) wanting me to interview with them
3-times I made the science department chair at my current top choice laugh during our interview
1-students to receive zero credit for any of the problems on my last test. yikes.
30 - students to receive an A on my last test
10- episodes of The Office I have watched in the past 4 days
800-dollars I had to pay to get my car fixed last week
2-days that I had my car back from the shop before the engine light came back on
30-students I bored today with my lecture on mirrors and lenses. snore. i'm pretty sure I bored myself with that one

everybody loves me

Okay, so maybe not everybody. But at least the dean of faculty at a school in Maryland loves me. Because he looked at my resume and told the science department chair that she HAD to call me today.

And so she did. And now she loves me too. Which makes me feel... loved. And flattered.

And this also means that I get to fly out for an interview, and will possibly be teaching there next year. Which makes me want to explode with happiness. Because I will be teaching honors and AP classes, and will have an enormous spending budget for labs, and my life will overall be happy.

The end.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

an embarrassing confession

When I moved to Georgia, (a year and a half ago), I bought a hand mixer for those occasions when my sweet tooth got the best of me and forced me to make cookies or a cake or a pie. I used this hand mixer for the first time on Thurday, to make cookies for my physics class.

That's not the embarrassing part. Here it is: I used to pretend to like cooking. And now I (and everybody else) knows that I was living a comlpete and total lie. My integrity has been shot.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

and then everything is truly better

because I get to go to my 5th period physics class, which happens to consist of the funniest group of children at our school. And within the first five minutes of class, they make me laugh so hard I cry, and then they think that I might be really crying because they did not know the answer to my question about electromagnetic waves.

but then I realize that it's all okay

Because I found a 100% cashmere designer sweater for over 75% off. So at least I will look pretty while I'm PMS-ing.

and then sometimes i am astounded at the nerve of teenaged boys

especially when they think it's appropriate to ask their female teacher if she is PMS-ing.

sometimes i hate adults

Especially when they show up to high school basketball games, and are entirely incapable of understanding that it is just a high school basketball game, and spend the evening screaming at their daughter, who just happens to be the smartest girl in our school, and also quite possibly the nicest girl on the planet, just because she missed a shot.

And that is why I sometimes hate adults. Good thing nobody can tell that I am one.