Thursday, October 17, 2013

Clarendon days 5k/10k pictures

Remember how one of my favorite things about running in Pacer's races is the free pictures? They just posted the pics from my race a few weeks ago and since I know you all love seeing running pictures, I am going to be so nice and share them with you. I know, I know. Your day just got so exciting.

Sunday, October 13, 2013


So I know you have all been on the edge of your seats wondering if I got a perfect score on my pathophysiology exam. I did not. I missed two stupid questions. And I mean it when I said they were stupid questions. I had the answers to both written on sheet but I didn't read carefully and got a little cocky and forgot to double-check. Dang.

Last week I taught my health promotion class and it kind of made me miss teaching. My topic was screening and prevention of chlamydia. Pretty exciting stuff. I taught them all about expedited partner therapy and STD testing programs in DC public schools. (Did you know that students can get tested at school, free of charge? They just pop over during home room.) Unfortunately, I spilled my water bottle on my laptop the day before my presentation so I had to use an iPad. I know that all the cool kids love the iPad, but I have never really been that cool, so it shouldn't be too surprising that I do not love the iPad. So if anyone is looking to buy an iPad mini, I'm your girl.

My marathon is in exactly 4 weeks! Two weeks ago I ran 19 miles (the last nine were the Clarendon days 5k and 10k). It was the fastest 19 miles I have ever run, so that made me feel pretty good. Yesterday, however, I had 16 miles scheduled. I got really hungry at mile 12 and just happened to be passing a Five Guys, so I stopped for a bacon burger and coke. It was simultaneously the best and worst decision ever. A bacon burger has never tasted so good, but running those last 4 miles with it sloshing around in my stomach was less than pleasant. I am going to call that one a major fail.

Don't worry, though. Next week I am running the Somerset Elementary 8k. I am planning a 10 mile warmup, then the race (about 5 miles) then jogging the 5 miles home. That will be my last tough long run before my marathon. I may also do the Marine Corps 10k, assuming the race still happens with the government being shut down and all. Luckily active military are still working, so hopefully the race will go on. (Can we talk about that for just a minute? The government just shut down? Is that even allowed?)

After November 10th I am very excited to start aerobic threshold training. It basically means that on all of my runs for 3 months I am not allowed to let my heart rate rise above 150 beats/minute. Which likely means that I will be running really slow. And will probably have to walk up hills. But supposedly, over time, the pace at which I can run without elevating my HR will get faster and faster, and make me a faster runner overall. Yay! And I get to have an excuse to be slow. Woot woot!