Tuesday, March 19, 2013

birthday do-over

This is a public service announcement to let everybody know that Bexie is getting a birthday do-over.  All she ever wanted was to be able to make herself a fancy birthday cake  (seriously... this is all she wanted?)  but due to a biking injury, no cake was to be had.  Therefore, her birthday for the year of 2013 will be on April 19.  And it will most certainly involve fancy cake. (Which she made for herself...)

But until next month, I hope Bexie had the best cake-free birthday that could have possibly been had!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

marathon race report

Sorry, guys.  No video of me crossing the finish line this time.  So sorry to disappoint.

My favorite part of a race is the post-race loot that is given out. I have to say that this race totally let me down.  They ran out of chocolate milk AND Jamba Juice smoothies before I even finished!  I want my money back.  But despite the lack of post-race goodies, I finished with my best time so far (3:55) and my race outfit was my favorite of all of my marathons so far.  So overall, I would call this a successful race!

And, for your viewing pleasure:

Hanging out (and being cold) before the race.  Dad had his eyes open double wide, so maybe that makes up for mom's eyes being closed?

Requisite post-race finisher photo.  I was pleasantly surprised at how not horrendous I looked after the race:

Finishing strong.  Supposedly this shirt I am wearing is supposed to be stink-proof, even if you sweat a lot.  I definitely sweat a lot, but the shirt doesn't exactly smell like roses.  It was, however, the most comfortable race shirt I have ever worn.  

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

what i have been up to

1.  I wore my favorite dress to work today.  I have worn it several times before, and would wear it every day if I could.  It is hands-down the most comfortable item of clothing I own.  I recently looked at the tag and realized that it is not actually a dress, but pajamas.  I am totally fine with that.  

2.  I can always tell I'm getting nervous about a race when I start analyzing every detail of the course and going over all of my training to make sure I am prepared for every hill.  I put together this comparison of the biggest hill on the race course next to the trail I use for all of my long runs.  I think I am ready.

3.  I am looking for a great restaurant for carbo-loading Friday, since I convinced my mom to take a whole entire HALF DAY off of work for this thing.  This is big, guys.  We have to celebrate.

Friday, March 01, 2013

long term goals

According to my dailymile account, in the past six months I have run 2% of the distance around the world.  At this rate, it will take me 25 years to make it all the way around the world.  Who thinks I can do it?

On another note, my steam cleaner turned out to be one of my best purchases ever.  I spent all weekend spot-cleaning my carpets and watching all the dirt disappear.  It was a rather satisfying way to spend my free time.