Monday, December 12, 2011

a few updates

Just because....

1. I keep trying to do my Christmas shopping and I keep finding spectacular sales on things that I want. So I have bought myself several Christmas presents. Friends and family: um... I still have some time.

2. I am loving having a sewing machine. I just recently hemmed, took in, or otherwise altered about 5 skirts that just didn't fit right anymore. It's like a whole new closet without spending any money!

3. I also bought myself a skirt from Fossil (which was on clearance) and since it was SUPER long, I cut it, hemmed it, and made it into a knee-length pencil skirt. Then I used the rest of the fabric to make myself a shirt! I am pretty much a miracle worker.

4. I have made a New Year's resolution (which I started early) to not eat any more processed foods (with a few exceptions). I have therefore been cooking a lot, and find it more enjoyable than I would have thought. I also have become master of the grilled cheese sandwich (gourmet varieties).

5. 4 days of school left until winter break! The last week is always the worst. The kids are ready to be gone, and all have the attention span of a flea. I am giving all of my classes quizzes on Friday. I am mean.