Monday, December 19, 2005

two stories

Last week in homeroom:

Chris: Ms. Reed, why do you hate Ben?
Me: I don't hate Ben. What makes you think that?
Chris: Well, you gave him a detention.
Me: No, I didn't.
Chris: Yes, you did. He had it in chorus yesterday, and was SO mad. It had your name signed on the bottom.
Me: What was it for?
Chris: For taking his clothes off during class.
Me (laughing): Um, I'm pretty sure I'd remember that one. That's not from me. I promise.

Saturday at the airport:

Me: Hi. I need to check in.
Ticket counter person: Well, the computers are down.
Me: Okay... So, what do I need to do?
Ticket counter person: Well, the computers are down.
Me: Right. So....
Ticket counter person: Well, we can't pull up any of your information. But it's against FAA regulations to board a passenger without a boarding pass. So I'm just going to write your name and flight number on this piece of paper, and that'll be your boarding pass.
Me: Alright. Do you need any proof that I'm actually supposed to be on this flight?
Ticket counter person: Do you have any with you?
Me: No.
Him: Oh. Okay. Well, here's your boarding pass. Have a nice flight.
Me: Alrighty, then. Glad to see airport security is still a top priority here.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

need to know

Can somebody please explain to me how a student can sit in my class all semester, try to sleep during my review session because he "already gets this stuff", tell me, when he turns in his midterm, that "gee, that was pretty easy", and then proceed to answer 3 questions correctly on the entire exam. Three. Out of thirty-one.


And one of those three happened to be the "name something you'd like to do in physics next semester" that I added on since it's the Christmas season and I was feeling in the spirit of giving.

Sometimes I just don't understand.

Friday, December 16, 2005

midterm answers

Overall, my students did well on their midterms. But sometimes they still make me laugh.

Question: A light wave coming from a point ono the left edge of the sun is found by astronomers to have a higher frequency than the light on the right side. Explain why this is, using what we have learned this semester.
Answer: You know, Miss Reed, I'm not certain

Question: A circuit has 5 resistors, A, B, C, D, and E. They all have the same voltage drop across them. Do we know what type of circuit this is? Justify your answer.
Answer: I'm pretty sure this was that hard one like from the last test, so I'm putting down the answer you told us. I really hope it's the same question!

More to come....

Happy Holidays!

Finals are over. I just have to finish grading, and I am DONE!!! And I thought I would be doing cartwheels, but I think I want to cry instead. I am so sad that I won't see my students for two whole weeks. Bummer.

But I held a study session at Barnes and Noble last night, which was entertaining for several reasons. First, Tony asked me to go to the winter formal with him. Mikey was still highly medicated from the surgery he had that morning, and didn't understand that I was actually making fun of his hot pink shirt, not complimenting it. And Collin nearly had a nervous breakdown because he was "SO going to fail tomorrow." He didn't fail.

And did you know that teachers receive a Christmas bonus?!?! Well, they do. Halleluiah for that.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

some confusion

Will knows that I do not own a microwave. He also knows that I'm mormon. For some reason, he thought the two were connected.

Yesterday in class:
Will: Ms. Reed? What would happen if someone from your church bought a microwave and, like, microwaved all their food?

Me: Um, they wouldn't have a very healthy diet? Is this a trick question?

Will: Well, like, would they get kicked out of your church or something?

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The last week of my life has involved much excitement. I turned 25, which, besides the fact that only ONE MEMBER OF MY FAMILY BOTHERED TO CALL ME, was a fantastic birthday. My students invited me to "the sexiest party of the year", which invitation I respectfully declined. But that was sure sweet of them.

My little sister returned from her mission on Thursday with a significantly heightened level of spirituality, but a disturbing lack of fashion sense. Don't worry, we'll fix that soon enough.

I have also received two detentions from students, one for giving difficult quizzes and one for talking during class. Right.

One of the highlights of my week, however, involved forgetting that "wo unto the liar, for he shall be thrust down to hell" is actually a Book of Mormon reference and not a bible reference, and completely confusing my students with it. And then I allowed my fourth period class to use one of the advent candles for a lab experiment. If I were a Catholic, I'd totally be going to hell. Maybe I still am.