Wednesday, February 23, 2011

dear family members (and friends)

Since I clearly have developed a new obsession with sewing (which makes sense, considering it's the only thing that keeps my eyes open), if anybody would like any of the below items (or a tie! i know how to make a tie too!) I would be happy to oblige. (ps - I am planning on making all of the below items for myself, just in case my closet is not quite full enough. But don't worry, Dad. I am still your daughter and frugal as ever, so I am using materials that I already own. Who can pass up free clothes?! Not me. I am, after all, a product of you and mom.)

The petal tank: I could use whatever colors you choose, so if it is too rainbow-y, no worries!

Ruffle scarf: SO cute. And it is impossible to have too many scarves. Especially if you live somewhere cold.

Flower tank: So pretty! There's not much I would change about this one:

Pretty flower shirt (I will obviously make the neckline a little more "modest" so that it covers). I already made this one for myself and am already in love. It makes me feel so pretty:

Don't worry, guys. I do have other hobbies besides sewing. Namely, riding my bike in my room while I jam to "I want to bop with you baby" with my eyes closed. (And just so everybody knows "I want to bop with you baby" is about dancing, and nothing else. And quite possibly the best song ever.) I also enjoy watching trashy reality TV. I have a very fulfilling life, guys.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Dear Ashley,

Here is the prototype for the ruffle skirt you wanted me to make you. What do you think? (My pictures are not as high quality as the one I was copying, but I definitely got a compliment at church today.)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

just a couple more

I made some yarn balls to fill the empty white bowl on our coffee table. (It used to be filled with Christmas decorations, and while I fully admit to listening to Christmas music year-round, the decorations just have to go after New Year's.)

I made a board on which to hang all of the pictures of my favorite nieces and nephews. (Don't worry guys, everyone's included.)

A pillow made out of two clearance napkins and some scrap felt. Total cost: about $.50.

And one more pillow, also made from a napkin and scrap materials. (It's a flower. Just in case you couldn't tell.)

Up next:

A slightly toned-down version of this pillow (with colors to match the color scheme in my room, of course)

This skirt: (Is it obvious yet that I love ruffles?)

And a set of individual whiteboards for my freshmen. I've been promising them for weeks to make them some, so that they can solve problems at their desks using whiteboard markers. (Because that is some how way more fun than solving problems using a pencil.) I even told them they could borrow the school's label maker to label their own boards. I'm pretty sure that makes me teacher of the year. (Or a pushover. Definitely a pushover.)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Proof I watched the Superbowl

The Steelers did not win. Joe picked me up for school the next day, anyway. (He's nice.) And he did a really good job of not being grumpy.

oh, and a couple more things

I have been decorating my room.

Like it?

I printed out a bunch of black and white pictures of DC and hung them up over my bed. And I made those curtains. (They're purple. Still trying to figure out my fancy new camera.)
Notice the bedding? I hit up the Macy's sale and bought $500 worth of bedding (coverlet, sheetset, and bedskirt) for $81. Mom, I take it back. I'm glad I inherited your inability to pass up a good sale.

And did anyone notice my nice, fancy roadbike secluded to the corner of the room behind my bed? When I bought him, the poor little guy thought that he would actually be able to explore the HUNDREDS of miles of hilly, green bike paths that Northern Virginia has to offer. He thought he'd be able to ride along the river under a canopy of trees. No such luck. He's just spinning his wheels in the corner of my room. And let me tell you, riding your bike in your room is not quite as much fun as riding along the Potomac on a sunny afternoon.

Then I made a wreath out of a book. (I proofread to make sure I wasn't destroying any hidden literary genius. Believe me, I was not.) Then I painted that book case a dark brown to match the rest of the furniture in my apartment.

what i've been up to

Making this shirt: It began as a long-sleeved blue and white striped tshirt. Now it is a blue and white striped tanktop with a nice pretty flower on the front.

Making this caridgan: It used to be a (very old - so old that Ashley wore it on her mission. yikes) and added a nice blue ruffle from scrap material. So much cuter.

Making this shirt: It used to be a long-sleeved blue shirt that I bought to wear on blue and gold spirit days. Now it is along-sleeved blue shirt with a nice ruffle on the front. (the ruffle is navy blue, not black as it may appear in the picture)

Making a purse: This one was made entirely from scratch. So cute. And small enough that I can't fill my purse with worthless crap that is completely unnecessary yet still fun to carry around. (15 varieties of lipgloss, anyone? or maybe 4 different books, just in case the first three get a litttle dull.)

Making this skirt: It used to have a very large toucan on it. (Yes, as in the giant tropical bird.) It was on clearance, and since I am my mother's daughter I could not pass up buying a $70 for $10. (Thanks a lot, mom.) I wore it once. I received lots of comments on it. I have since learned that having lots of people comment on your clothing is not always a good thing.

Making lots of fruit smoothies. Plain yogurt + frozen fruit = delicious and nutritious.

Wait, did you just say you wanted to see what these shirts look like when I wear them so you can see how much cuter they are when you put them on? Don't fear, my friends. That post will be coming soon.

Monday, February 07, 2011

it's midnight. what are you doing?

I am sitting in bed, reading a book, eating soy nuts and strawberry fruit roll-ups and drinking crystal lite fitness. And thinking about what i want to wear to school tomorrow.

I am an awesome multi-tasker.