Friday, September 28, 2007

good news

I got to watch The Office last night. WHOO!!! I skipped out of back-to-school night early. Hehe. They loved me anyway.

And then I showed up at school at 6:55 this morning and had a student sitting outside my door waiting for me. (They had their first test today.)

And we're doing an awesome lab in physics next week.

I need a nap.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

a few more things

  • One of my students had a bottle of fart spray in his back pack yesterday. It exploded during class.
  • Tomorrow night is back-to-school night. It is also the season premiere of The Office. They obviously did not ask for my opinion when scheduling back-to-school night.
  • Things I lost in my move: a skirt, half of my sanity, and a wedding gift I bought back in June. I suck.
  • I am in charge of family home evening in our ward. So anyone who has any ideas (ahem, Katie) please help me. I'm desperate.
  • Today we had a delayed opening at school. Great chance to sleep in. Except that the academic dean scheduled a meeting with me for 7:00 am. AM meaning, in the morning. She didn't even show up.
  • We played a totally awesome game in my physics class today. They loved it. Huge success.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

okay, fine

Katie's right. I'm not nearly as busy or important as I make myself sound. So to fill you in on what's happening:

  • The students at this school are not at all intimidated by adults. Not even a little. I think I like that.
  • My job is less stressful, but much busier than I thought it would be. And lots of fun
  • I have a bright orange LuvSac in my living room. That's about all I can say about that. I'm working on a plan to move it to the basement without hurting my crazy roommate's feelings.
  • I love Loehmann's with all my heart and soul.
  • I officially have a retirement account! And even though my retirement money is taken before I get my paycheck, it is still significantly larger than last year's paycheck. And I am paying significantly less in rent, and significantly less on food (since I eat enormous lunches every day, courtesy of BS.)*
  • The weather is beautiful.
  • My roommate thinks I'm totally vain and materialistic. She's probably right.
  • My bangs are finally long enough to wear without getting laughed at. I love them.
  • In one week, I have cut my daily commute from 30 minutes down to 20 minutes. Backroads are my new best friends.
  • I bought myself a beautiful coat from Anthropologie as a back-to-school gift to myself. Totally on sale, and probably the prettiest thing I've ever owned. I also bought a $200 dress on sale for $30. Bargains are also my best friends.
  • I went to Ann Taylor Loft and bought a pair of pants, a shirt, three necklaces, and two pairs of earrings. Whoever can guess closest to how much my total bill was wins a prize. And by prize I mean the glory of knowing you're a better guesser than anyone else.
BS is my school. Haha.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

sorry for the lapse

I'm keeping busy. But for those who are curious, my school is awesome, my students are brilliant and funny, and my apartment is starting to look cute.

That's all I have time for .