Wednesday, June 11, 2008

it's official

My baby sister is married, and is now off honeymooning in Yosemite and San Francisco. (I think.)

The wedding turned out to be fantastic, mainly because Shady was stubborn and planned everything exactly the way that she wanted, regardless of what anyone (and by anyone I mean Mom) thought.

They pulled off the alligator-shaped groomscake. How cool does this look? I had no idea little Brandon was such a cake artist:

The wedding cake had a layer of rice krispie treats (which I didn't have a chance to try) and two layers of cheesecake. They also made this themselves. Pretty, pretty:

Little Brandon is the oldest of the Harpdogs, and he and his siblings all look alike. Even the 5-year-old. I'm told my family looks alike, too, but whatever:

And she danced to Freebird, which I don't really understand. But I'm pretty sure dad was excited:

I'm pretty sure the kids had fun:

And her dress was beautiful. It's pretty in the picture, but it looks way better in person. Trust me:


MOM THE BOMB said...

Yep, the wedding went well and I've learned not to argue with Lindsey. It doesn't get me anywhere. But as I recall I wasn't the only one who wasn't in favor of them making their own cake last minute.

N.F. said...

That alligator cake is AMAZING!

And, her dress does look exquisite.

Katie said...

Ahhh, she's all growd up!

Looks so beautiful.

TRS said...


And that cake? Amazing. If Brandon's ever up for making a giant golfball cake complete with dimples... I'll let y'all know if Mr. Burns ever proposes!!

And Freebird... interesting. But if you change 'girl' to 'dad' I can see it for the father/daughter dance.
I've gotta move on... but I can't change much from the way you brought me up....
that's all I got!