Monday, December 07, 2009


I turned 29 last Sunday. Having a birthday is pretty fun when it gets you a brand-new Garmin wristwatch! With a heart rate monitor. I think that alone makes it worth living another year.

In honor of turning 29, I made a list of 30 things I want to accomplish before I turn 30. (Which happens in a year.)

I was going to make it a goal to only own clothes that fit in my closet. (I have a tendency to buy too many clothes on sale. Sometimes my closet overflows.) Bethany told me I can own as many clothes as I want and still consider myself a responsible adult. That's why she's a great sister. So I crossed this one off the list. Bring on the outlet malls!

Instead, I included the following goals (among others):

1. Keep my book club going the whole year. Apparently the trick to getting people to show up is making almond macaroons. Apparently that's also the trick to getting Katelyn to be your friend.

2. Read at least 30 books. (easy.)

3. Run a marathon. (anyone want to join me?)

4. Go on an international trip. I'm waiting for someone to invite me somewhere cool. I think it'll happen. I'm fun.

5. Get a massage. (Merry Christmas to me!!)

6. Go skiing (check)

7. Buy a bike (so I can do a triathlon)

8. Go camping at least twice this summer.

It's going to be a good year.


Lindsey said...

If you change your mind on the clothing goals, I will accept any clothing donations (I'll even pay for shipping). They might be too small for me, though. I got a little wider after having Violet. Still, I'm willing to try.

Ashley Erin said...

Dear Poodle,

I can take care of items 4 and 8. This summer, I was thinking we can spend a week in the Canadian rockies. Then, since you'll be out with me in California, we can go camping someplace not too far from me. You can live with me all summer because I'm so fun. But you have to bring your clothes, and leave some of them.



Bexie Funk said...

i want to be like you poodle! lets see i'll try reading 30 books with you. it shouldn't be hard since the books you recommend are awesome! and i'll totally travel with you in a bout 10 years, deal?

Anne said...

You should come run Houston next January. I will be (I hope)!