Thursday, May 28, 2009

what i'm reading

School is ending. In fact, today was the very last day I taught my students anything new. Which means that I now have time to do my own reading. (Yay for summer!) I have already started in on my reading list (and some books that are not on my list, but I read because there was nothing else available.)

Mindset, by Carol Dweck: I know I said this already, but read this book! Especially if you are a parent. Or work with kids. Or know kids. Or know people in general. If you want a copy, I will send you one, that's how much I think you should read it. Best of all, it's research-based.

How to win friends and influence people, by Dale Carnegie: I've never read it because it sounds so cheesey (seriously?) but my therapist friend recommended it. (He's not my therapist. Just a friend who happens to be a therapist.)

Testimony, by Anita Shreve: Mediocre, at best. I bought it at the airport bookstore because it's about drama at a ritzy private school, which I love reading about since I work at a ritzy private school (and they had approximately 3 titles to choose from). It's overly dramatic, even for a high school drama. Don't waste your time.

The Wednesday Wars, by Gary Schmidt: I heard it was good. It was cheap. I'll let you know how it goes.

Farewell Summer, by Ray Bradbury: I loved Dandelion Wine (and Farenheit 451). Hopefully this one will be as good as his other books.

Work Hard, Be Nice, by Jay Matthews: About two men who created phenomenal schools and the philosophies they used to establish them. (The KIPP schools. I hear great things about them.)

Stargirl, by Jerry Spinelli: also heard that it was good, but really know nothing about it.

any other recommendations? I have all kinds of time this summer.


bethy said...

Middlesex, Jeffrey Eugenides. won the pulitzer. in a weird way reminds me of esat of eden. not quite done yet, but really good writing.

MOM THE BOMB said...

I think I'll start with Mindset. Sounds good.

Bexie Funk said...

see i'm not smart enough to read pulitzer books. i either think they're boring or don't understand them. if you have any books you want to send my way i'd be more than happy to take them.

poodle said...

i'll bring some when i come visit you in a couple of weeks. want to go to the pool?