Saturday, November 03, 2007

birthday list

my birthday is less than a month away. and besides having a joint birthday party with my roommate, i also get my very own personal party. i'm pretty sure it's going to involve sushi, bananas foster chimichangas, and a pinata. and probably some other stuff. i'm still deciding.

in addition to this joint party and personal party, i will be buying myself some presents. because i deserve them. these gifts might include:

  • an awesome pair of brown knee boots
  • a memory foam mattress topper
  • sweaters from Anthropologie
  • a nice pair of flats to wear with my winter work pants
  • a new pair of winter work pants. preferably from Anthropologie
  • blackout blinds for my room
  • a light blue throw blanket for my bed
  • some tights to wear with skirts in the wintertime
  • listerine


Lindsey said...

And what do you want for Christmas? I'm gifting to you.

poodle said...

um, any of the above would be great for christmas. although i'll probably have listerine by christmas, so don't worry about that one. i always love clothes. i can send you pictures.

Katie said...

Listerine? You are a hard core wild animal.

MOM THE BOMB said...

I need pictures of the clothes (for your birthday) so post them on your blog.

Charlo said...

Listerine... Um, if I recall, you do have a full time job with benefits... and you are saving money this time by living with roommates. So, um. Save us the postage, and buy it yourself.

Happy pending birthday.

email me your dc address.

Anonymous said...

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