Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Reason # 4827

Yet one more reason I LOVE my job.

I wore a pair of lime-green pants to school today. A rather bold move on my part, but I love them. And apparently, so did my students. I have never received more compliments on an item of clothing. Teenagers can be so flattering. And my physics students now think I have "so much style".

Even though we did turn off the lights during two of my classes, just to make sure they don't really glow in the dark.

And they love my new dark-brown hair color.

Yup. Teenagers are great.


Katie said...

So could you post a pic of your new brown hair or do I have to wait until Tahoe?

Anonymous said...

I'm with Katie. Post a picture as soon as humanly possible. Maybe one of the girls at Prom got a shot with you in the background.