Wednesday, November 09, 2005

more quiz answers

Question: What is lattice energy?
Answer: I don't remember talking about lettuce during class.

Question: Explain what factors affect the geometry of a molecule.
Answer: This isn't geometry class.

Question: Explain why metals can conduct electricity.
Answer: Oh, gosh. It was on the review sheet, but I just don't remember.

Question: Define ionic bonding.
Answer: Ionic is when one atom steals an electron from another. Yes, he's selfish.

Question: Write the electron configuration for the most common ion of the following elements.
Answer: I hate hard tests!

Question: Why do atoms generally form bonds?
Answer: Well, it has something to do with chemistry, I think.

Question: Draw the Lewis Structure for the following molecules
Answer: I need to think of something funny to say so you'll be in a good mood when you grade this.


wendy said...

um, do your students learn???


poodle said...

yes, they learn. i have 80 students. i was hoping to get more of these funny answers.

Katie said...

Oh man, I should post some of the answers I'm seeing in the lab write-ups my students submit. Although, they're only funny if you understand aerodynamics, so maybe not everyone would get a chuckle.