Sunday, September 29, 2013

what a day

The most amazing things happened yesterday

1.  I ran in the Clarendon Days 5k and 10k, and received my favorite race shirt I've ever gotten.
2.  Joe showed up after the races with Dr. Pepper AND Gatorade!  My two favorite post-race drinks.
3.  I ate the most delicious brunch buffet.  I usually am not a fan of buffets, but they had biscuits and gravy, so I went for it.  They are a very close second to Loveless Cafe's biscuits and gravy.  Definitely the best I've had in DC so far.
4.  I found out that I have $150 of credit at the bike store from my last bike purchase!  Yessss!!!
5.  I got a perfect score on my latest pathophysiology practice test.  Hopefully the same thing will happen on the real test tomorrow.


Ashley Erin said...

I'm sure you will score a 100. Super smart girl

MOM THE BOMB said...

Wow! That's a great day!

Graytoppop said...

Biscuits and gravy! You must be a southern girl...

Bexie Funk said...

yummy! i love biscuits and gravy. i can't wait to have them when you come! that sounds like a great day.